These are the key environmental principles upon which our vision for Southwest High Point Renewal is based...
1. Reuse and revitalize the inner city to curb urban sprawl.
2. Expand the use of existing inner-city infrastructure.
3. Encourage mass transit and other forms of alternative transportation, such as walking and biking.
4. Create an interlocking greenway throughout the area to connect residents and employees to businesses, parks, schools, work and recreation.
5. Establish and enhance open space and parks to improve physical, spiritual, and mental health.
6. Highlight and restore Richland Creek and its branches to provide clean water and watershed protection.
7. Adapt, rehabilitate, and reuse the district’s historic buildings to create jobs.
8. Make the entire Southwest quadrant a conservation district, using a high-end business park design as a model to attract business.
9. Brand name the entire area with unique signage, especially the district’s signature greenway, natural, and historic features.
10. Encourage environmentally-oriented education in the area’s two public elementary schools to promote interest in ecology and the sciences.